Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Kyoto University, then joined YOHJI YAMAMOTO.
After gaining experience in production management and pattern making, moved to Milan, Italy. Served as the chief pattern maker for CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL and as an exclusive 3D designer for AGNONA's Creative Director STEFANO PILATI. After gaining experience, joined HERMÈS and moved to Paris, France.
Worked under Artistic Director Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski as a 3D designer for ladies' ready-to-wear. Returned to Japan in 2018 and established STUDIO ALATA with the aim of communicating new values in traditional craftsmanship.
Launched the brand ARLNATA, primarily handling traditional kimonos as textiles and proposing both Japanese and Western styles. In April 2022, established MIZEN Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Tamayo Sunaga, founder of FURUSATO CHOICE, AINUS HOLDINGS and TRUST BANK. Through this endevour aims to establish a new generation of Japanese luxury where highly skilled artisans and their craftmanship are the main focus, differing from the designer-led European fashion industry.
Opened the flagship store in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, in December of the same year. In 2023, received the 'CULTURE-PRENEURS 30 2023' award sponsored by FORBES JAPAN.


While studying Fashion Design at Shih Chien University in Taipei, won the Newcomer Award at the Taiwan Textile Federation.
After graduation, moved to Milan, Italy, and obtained a master's degree in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni. Post-graduation, began working as a women's knit designer at Saverio Palatella, then served as a personal assistant to Creative Director Stefano Pilati at AGNONA, part of the ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA group, in their Berlin office. Moved to Paris and joined Carven as a junior designer, later excelling as a senior designer for the Paris office of Taiwan's luxury maison SHIATZY CHEN.
At the end of 2018, relocated to Japan and co-founded STUDIO ALATA with Shunsuke Teranishi. Currently active as the chief designer for the ARLNATA and MIZEN projects.


In April 2012, established TRUST BANK and launched the comprehensive hometown tax website 'Furusato Choice' in September of the same year.
Focused on how to circulate 'people', 'goods', 'money', and 'information' in regions, and paid attention to hometown tax where 'money' moves directly to local areas. Received the NIKKEI WOMAN 'Woman of the Year 2016' Grand Prize.
In January 2020, appointed as the Chairman and Founder of TRUST BANK .
In 2019, served as a judge for the JAPAN TOURISM AGENCY'S 'Reiwa First Year Advanced Tourism Content Incubator Project', and as a member of the selection committee for the Cabinet Office's 'Local Revitalization Support Tax System (Corporate Version of Hometown Tax).
In 2022, became a member of the Reiwa PROVISIONA COUNCIL'S National Land Planning Committee.
In April 2022, founded AINUS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. and started businesses in 'food', 'travel', and 'craftsmanship'.

Philosophy of MIZEN

MIZEN is a project aimed at building a luxury brand where artisans carrying on Japan's traditional craftsmanship take center stage.
In April 2022, TRUST BANK Corporation, which operates the hometown tax portal site 'Furusato Choice', and its founder/chairman Tamayo Sunaga, together with Shunsuke Teranishi, a former designer at HERMÈS who now heads STUDIO ALATA LLC and operates ARLNATA (producing custom-made clothing from luxury Tsumugi and other fabrics), jointly established MIZEN.
With the theme 'Japanese Craftsmanship as Neo-Luxury', the project aims to adapt Japanese traditional craftsmanship to contemporary lifestyles and propose them not only in Japan but also to the world. It focuses on elevating the status of artisans with unique, advanced skills only possible in Japan, and enhancing the sustainability of their industries.


社名 株式会社MIZEN
所在地 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山6-4-13 Almost Blue C
設立 2022年4月5日
資本金 1,000万円
事業内容 - Planning, designing, producing, selling, renting, and exporting custom-made women's and men's clothing, primarily dealing with kimono fabrics. - Planning, designing, producing, selling, renting, and exporting daily use miscellaneous goods. - Offering products related to the above as reward items for hometown tax contributions. - Consulting services related to the above.